Golden Retriever's Epic Pics with Santa Should Win an Award

Shutterstock/African Studio

Christmas is well on its way—and what better way to commemorate it than with some classic photos with Santa?

That was just the thought for one man who has no kids, just an adorable Golden Retriever. He wanted to get photos of his dog with Santa, and the studio welcomed him with open arms. What a treat!

The dog was so well-behaved that they got some really amazing photos. He even posed on a tiny bicycle, which really cracked us up!

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The best photo of them all was of the dog reaching up to “steal” Santa’s cap. He looks so mischievous and adorable in that photo! These pictures with Santa should absolutely win an award. They are priceless, make us smile and definitely make us laugh!

The Golden Retriever is such an obedient and trainable breed that these photos were no doubt a breeze to take. He probably just needed a bit of praise from his dad and voila! Perfect photos.

This little guy is such a ham, and he definitely belongs on a Christmas card. His dad should definitely take care of that! Family and friends would love to receive some.

This dog should have his dad do a photoshoot for every holiday and give away calendars to a local rescue to sell. That would be a great and charitable way to spread some cuteness!

We don’t think better Christmas photos could’ve happened if they tried. These ones are definitely grade A quality. Not to mention, the big guy in red is spot-on! They found a really great Santa to use.

We love the idea of using pets in Christmas photos with Santa. They make for the perfect keepsake and can even be shrunk down to be hung on the tree. That would be the perfect place for these photos of the Golden Retriever with Santa.

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