Golden Retriever Refuses to Leave Info Desk at NYC Mall After Getting Spoiled with Treats and Love

Once you show a dog a place that will give him or her treats, they’ll never forget it. Trust me, that happens on the daily with my dog. He knows the exact stores that will give him a treat and every single day he’ll try to lead me in that direction. His excuse is that those are his friends. LOL!

TikTok user @chanellefutrell_1 experiences something similar with her Golden Retriever named Keagan at a dog-friendly mall in NYC. The only difference is that Keagan refuses to leave and it's absolutely hilarious. Check it out!

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Aww, this Golden Retriever found his home away from home at a New York City mall. Not a place you'd typically expect dogs to love, but hey, as long as Keagan is getting treats and love, he doesn't care where he is. LOL! Or as one TikToker wrote in the comments, he's not leaving because he has a job to do at the info desk. Such a committed worker!

You should consider training your dog to take treats gently if you're ever walking your dog and stumble upon store after store that wants to spoil your fur baby. You wouldn't want to risk the possibility of your dog not getting future treats because they weren't gentle. In order to achieve this, you'll want to first start dog training in a quiet area when your fur baby is calm. Choose a word that you will always use and stick to it. Most people use "gentle."

Then, place a dog treat in your hand and make a fist. Present it to your dog and keep it closed until your dog stops biting, nibbling, or licking your hand to get it. Praise him or her and then release the treat. Keep repeating until your dog understands the concept a bit better, then add in the cue "gentle" before opening your hand. Little by little you can start advancing the process and moving the treat between your thumb and index finger. At any point, if your dog takes it too fast or not gently enough, go back a step and try again. It will take plenty of practice, but don't give up!

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