Golden Retriever Who Refused to Go for a Walk Without Pregnant Mama Now Can’t Leave Newborn Baby Sister’s Side

You never know how your pet is going to react when you get pregnant. Some are not so keen on sharing the attention from the mom and dad. Thankfully that wasn't the case for one Golden Retriever named Lady, who has been her human sibling's protector from day one.

Something tells us that Lady will never leave her sister's side — no matter what.

When a dog loves you, they really love you. As the video from the @ladyandtheblues TikTok page shows, Lady already started to change when her mama was pregnant. But the process seemed to finalize once the little bub was born.

"My dog refused to go for a walk without me when I was pregnant," her mama wrote in the video's text overlay.

The footage in the video shows just that. The Golden Retriever's male owner trying in vain to get her to go for a walk, while she stays put at her mama's side.

Flash-forward to after the baby, whom they named Olivia, was born. Now Lady has a new favorite person who she doesn't want to be far from.

"She doesn't want to leave the baby," the mom continued. The clip shows the dog mom and her husband trying to get the pup to stay with her mama while the dad and Olivia go for a walk. But nope — not with the baby around.

"She wants to protect her lil sis," the video's caption states.

People in the comments section were smitten. "I want to be loved by someone who loves me like lady loves her little sister," one commenter joked. "Aww! She loves her baby sis so much," someone else pointed out. "She’s looking back like 'you’re just going to let him take her?!'" a third commenter teased.

Introducing Your Pets to Your Kids

Not every pet can be Lady. And you want to make sure your dog will be gentle with your kids. If you're really nervous about introducing your kiddos to your pet there are ways to make things go as smoothly as possible.

First, get your dog ready for how things will work once the baby is born. Start getting them involved in tasks that you can do one-handed (trust, this will come in handy when you're holding a baby).

If your dog likes to nip or jump up, this is definitely a behavior you want to get in check. Once the baby is born, your pup is only going to try and engage in these attention-seeking behaviors more — not less.

When it comes time for the big day (the day when baby and pup will meet), first try and have some one-on-one time between the dog and their mama. That way your dog will get over being excited at being reunited before bringing a tiny newborn into the mix. When it's time to bring the baby in, secure them in a car seat on a table or in a "Moses" basket. If your dog likes to jump keep them on a leash, but let them smell the room and get used to your baby's scent.

Have a family member sit or stand while holding the baby. Hold some treats in your hand that you can throw if your dog gets too excited or starts jumping, but allow your dog to sniff the baby for a second or two. Keep repeating the process until you can gauge what your dog is feeling. Their body language will let you know if they're calm or are still too jumpy. You might still need to work on getting your dog used to your baby's cries, but that will come with time and training.

After the initial introduction, you shouldn't leave your newborn and your dog alone together. The worst might not happen, but if it does you'll certainly want to be around to intervene. And there you have it! Now go forth and watch your baby and your puppy become friends for life.

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