Golden Retriever’s Refusal to Leave Ice Rink Deserves an Oscar

He put on quite the performance!

Time and time again we see how dogs are so similar to kids. They always want treats, just as kids always want dessert. Dogs will cry and cry until they get what they want. At least they do in our house because we’re a pushover. LOL! But again, that’s just like kids!

So, this video from TikTok user @drakethepupstar doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. This dog was at the ice rink with his dad when playtime finally ended and it was time to go home. But just like a kid, this Golden Retriever didn’t want to go. He puts on one of the best acting performances we’ve ever seen. Check it out!

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LOL! How could dad do that to him?! The dog was trying everything to get him to stay. And honestly, he put on quite the performance. Rolling around on the ice? Now that’s dedication!

“The Golden Retriever lay down trick when they don’t want to go home. They’re so stubborn,” said @bluelightning024. HA! Do you think they learned this from toddlers? Because it’s the exact same move to try and get their way. @ellenocean wrote, “Drake does deserve an academy award for best canine in a drama series! Hysterical.” Oh, absolutely!

Another TikTok user, @redkorpusl, wrote, “He must love playing with you out on the ice! Look at that smile! He def had a good time!” He was having the time of his life that’s why he didn’t want to leave! This dad better take him back to the ice rink tomorrow or we’re going to have a problem!

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