Golden Retriever Puppy's Successful First Night Out of the Crate Has Us in Our Feelings

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We're so proud of this good boy!

For anyone that has potty trained a puppy before, you know the headache that comes with it. You wish you could let them roam around freely in the house but you don't want to risk accidents. Don't worry, sooner or later you'll be celebrating them getting the hang of it like this Golden Retriever dad.

TikTok doggo @tuckerdagolden graduated from his kennel at night to his big boy bed, but he still didn't have free range of the house. Baby steps! His dad blocked off a section of the room for Tucker to have for the night. The video then shows the dad coming to check how the first night out of his crate went. And let's say you'll be just as proud as this dad!

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O.M.G. Look how proud Tucker is for doing such a good job! Heck, he should be. We're proud of him too! @Subarutyler put it best, "13/10 good boy." At least a 13 out of 10 but we'd even say 100/10! Even the Seattle soccer team is applauding Tucker. The official account @soundersfc, wrote, "WAY TO GO TUCKER."

@maximus.the.maltipoo commented, "Poor baby let that angel sleep in your bed!!!! He missed you 😭😭😭😭." Right?! That's enough of sleeping alone downstairs. He needs to be with dad tonight! 

Another TikTok user, @carrieadam172, said, "He’s so good not jumping the gate. Can’t wait until he graduates to dad’s bed." We can't wait either! It's the least he deserves for being the goodest boy we've ever seen!


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