Golden Retriever Puppy Tries to Squeeze Into Her Favorite Cubby As She Grows and It's Too Cute

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Poor girl is getting way too big!

A Golden Retriever on TikTok has the cutest tradition whenever she goes with her owners to the rock climbing gym. But she doesn't seem to realize that things have changed since she was a puppy. Thankfully, her owner got one recent trip on camera, and we have to say it's pretty much internet gold. 

Poor Pacha just wanted to snuggle up in her favorite spot at the rock climbing gym — the cubbies. But as her owner @goldengirlpacha showed in the video, she's a bit too big now. "We've been taking our puppy to the climbing gym since she was 8 weeks old," the video's text overlay reads. "She's 6 months now and still loves her cubby but is getting too big," it continues. The before-and-after is just too hilarious. Take a look! 

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"It’s so cute but so sad she still squeezes herself in the same cubby every time we go," the video's caption reads. 

With over 2.9 million views, people in the comments section were on Pacha's side. "They better buy a bigger shelf right now I swear to god," @wheresjaquelynat warned . "She's like 'who's making these cubbies smaller??' lol," @ntabc25 teased. "For the love of God... Someone make sweet Pacha a bigger cubby!" @allie.1980 urged. 

This is clearly a problem that all dog owners go through. "My bed frame is slightly off the ground, all three of my dogs loved going under it when they were pups. They’re too big now," @katie.delaina shared. 

Don't you hate that pups have to get bigger? We wish they would stay small forever.