Golden Retriever with Dementia Going on Enrichment Walks Is Breaking Hearts

We all love and treasure our beloved fur friends, no matter how old they get. With age can sometimes come the condition known as dog dementia, and one couple who is sharing the challenges of having a senior pup posted a video on August 18 of how they are caring for their pup with enrichment walks.

The walks are supposed to help stave off her condition worsening.

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The video, posted by the TikTok account for @Goldieandaussie, explains "Her doggie dementia started just five weeks ago. Her sleeping time changes, she zones out on walks and even at home. She gets confused and doesn't recognize us for a few minutes. Her doctor said her condition is on level 1 and can be delayed by more brisk walking especially late nights when she can't sleep."

People on TikTok are so touched by the devotion these owners have to their sweet dog. @Emily comments, "And now I’m crying. You love her so much! Wishing all the best for your family." @Jo adds, "Bless her. It’s so heartbreaking. My 13 year old schnauzer was like this too." @Cherry replies, "Again I'm crying but filled with happiness at the love you have for her. Bless your soul and hers."

If you suspect your older dog may be suffering from sundowner's syndrome (Another term for dog dementia), the first step is to have a consult with your veterinarian. Make notes of your dog's behavior, eating patterns, and sleep schedules as well as any unusual behavior they are exhibiting (Growling at things that aren't there, staring off into space, barking more than usual) to show your vet.

Its just so touching seeing how much Goldie's parents are doing to make this time in her golden years as enriching and as helpful as possible for her condition. Such a beautiful dog, such wonderful dog parents.

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