Golden retriever dad transforms cluttered old closet into luxurious dog bedroom: ‘Luckiest dog ever’

A dog dad’s love for his sweet golden retriever — and his stunning transformation of an old closet — is touching hearts all across TikTok.

Johnathan Lower (@aguyandagolden) clearly plucked the heartstrings of dog lovers everywhere when he uploaded the incredible DIY project, gaining over 31 million views, 4 million likes, and 41,000 comments.

We’ve seen loving dog dads go viral before — like the man who spent $400 in vet bills to diagnose his limping rescue dog, only to make a shockingly sweet discovery — but the bond between Johnathan and and his four-legged BFF, Teddy, might take the cake.

Before it became a stunning doggy oasis, Teddy’s bedroom was just a messy old closet.

But after a lot of hard work and even more love, Johnathan was able to transform the underutilized space into a Pinterest-worthy lounge for his beloved golden.

Thankfully, Johnathan documented the entire process and uploaded it to TikTok, where millions have fallen in love with the two.

Outfitted with lovely shiplap, a toasty fireplace, built-in shelving, ample storage space, and even a dog-sized TV, Teddy’s cozy bedroom lacks for nothing.

Now, Johnathan shares videos of the many adventures he and Teddy share in the gorgeous DIY bedroom — and TikTokers can’t seen to get enough.

“I love how you love Teddy!” one user wrote.

“What an incredible project to do for such a sweet dog!” commented another user.

“OMG I absolutely love this…. I love that you love your dog that much,” wrote one user.

“You are both so lucky to have each other!” another user commented.

Teddy and Johnathan are sure to make many sweet memories in the pup’s handmade bedroom — and hopefully they continue to document it all for our enjoyment.

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