Golden Retriever Cracks People up With Responses to Mom and Dad Petting Him

Does your dog have a favorite person? Most of them do...our new puppy loves my daughter and prefers her over all of us. Golden Boy Frankie is a Golden Retriever who definitely prefers mom over dad, and his parents shared a hilarious video that proves it.

The video was shared at the beginning of March and shows dad petting him...or more accurately, trying to pet him. Frankie adorably bares his teeth at dad and pretends like he's going to bite him. Mom starts petting him next and he clearly is enjoying the love. Watch what happens when dad starts petting him again and get ready to laugh!

Frankie definitely prefers mom over dad! I bet dad roughhouses with him and he thinks dad wants to play. The video went viral and has gotten more than 8 million views and has thousands of comments. @Elle08 pointed out, "We definitely know who the “spare human” is LOL!" and @Scot-Tea added, "Only two types of parents in that house: 1. Momma. 2. Not the Momma." But my favorite comment came from @K&R who got almost 12 thousand likes when they said, "Dad's hands=love bites. Mom's hands= “I just a baby”!"

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Dogs and Their Favorite Person

If you have a dog, you know that they always have a favorite person. Sure they probably love everybody in the family, but there's that one person who is just extra special to them. Are you that person? In my family, it's my daughter.  Wolf and Beyond says, "It is common for dogs to have a favorite person, which they usually select based on early associations, quality time spent, and who feeds them the most. They are also more likely to miss their favorite person more." Maybe it's because my daughter was the first child that she met or maybe because my daughter is the only one who allows the puppy in her bed but whatever the reason, she's definitely the favorite!

A dog picks its favorite person because they are most comfortable with that person. And when it comes to time, it's not how much time you spend with them, but how you spend the time. When you are together, are you paying attention to your pup or merely there? They want to engage and interact with their people!

Still not sure if you are the favorite? A dog does things to let you know. If they hear your name and get excited, you are the favorite. Are they always close to you? You're probably the favorite. Do they stare at you and bring you gifts or go to you when they want or need something? Those are also signs.

I thought it was interesting that Wolf and Beyond shared that a dog’s favorite person may also change over time, and the reason why makes sense, "If a dog isn’t getting their needs met by their current favorite person, they may begin to look elsewhere."

While you might be the main caregiver, that doesn't automatically make you the favorite. Remember the more quality time you spend with your dog, the greater the chance that they will look to you as their favorite human. What a great title to be able to claim if you can get it!

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