Golden Doodle Puppy Perfectly Illustrates Why Puppies Are Our 'Babies'

Yes, your dog can be your baby and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

If TikTok has taught us anything, it's that ghosts are real and wrestling is real. If TikTok proves it, it must be real. Now we have another totally adorable video that brings up an important point for dog owners, and that's whether or not you can consider your dog your "baby." Spoiler alert: Of course you can. It's an argument that has heated up in the last decade or so, whether or not people can choose to have dogs (or any pet, for that matter) and consider it their baby instead of having a traditional, human baby. Life is too short to let others decide how you live it. Of course your dog can be your baby. 

And our pets are our babies! We love them unconditionally, we treat them like members of our families, and we couldn't imagine life without them. Now we have proof that puppies and dogs are totally babies because you just can't explain the following completely adorable video that @UtahDoodles posted otherwise. 

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How totally precious is that? @MitchellLeblanc says, "He’s a cute little baby nugget!" @AshleyHoopes agrees, posting "All I see is a baby.What’s wrong with that?" @Jpierce121 says, "“I’m just a baby” So stinking cute!!" 

As simply adorable as this whole scenario is, it does bring up a greater point about whether we can think of our pets as our children, and that should really be up to the person who feeds and walks and loves the pet. At the end of the day, life should be about how much love we can fill it with. If that's towards humans or animals, no one can make that decision for you. 

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