Gerry Turner Says He 'Hopes' A 'Golden Bachelorette' Will Happen

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Will There Be A 'Golden Bachelorette'?John Fleenor - Getty Images
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Golden Bachelor Thursdays have quickly become the highlight of everyone's week since premiering in late September, so it's only natural to wonder what's coming next for this silver-haired Bach Nation franchise as it approaches its final episode.

Gerry Turner has already stolen the hearts of not only the 22 women featured on his season, but also the entirety of Bachelor Nation. And while two women still remain, Gerry's cast has become equally as beloved through the first four episodes—so, um, when is the Golden Bachelorette dropping?

ICYDK, The Golden Bachelor was in the works for a very long time before it finally hit the airwaves. In fact, the network initially began casting for the series back in January 2020, per Vulture.

Everyone waited so long for this absolutely perfect show, and they're eager to know when there might be more. So, is The Golden Bachelorette is on its way? Here's what to know.

The Golden Bachelor is airing until November 16.

Before getting ahead of yourself, just know that The Golden Bachelor is still chugging along, but it's nearly over. Gerry Turner has narrowed his dating pool down to just two women—and the finale is dropping tomorrow, Nov. 16.

Is there going to be a Golden Bachelorette?

As far as anyone knows, there isn't another Golden season in the works just yet, as there have been no official announcements from ABC about it. But with all the interest around this season, I'd be surprised if they didn't hop on the opportunity to present yet another person looking for love in their golden years.

So, TLDR; Stay tuned!

Gerry gave some insight into the Golden Bachelorette.

While the network hasn't given the official green light, Bachelor Gerry is certainly on board. "I absolutely do hope that is something that happens," the Golden Bachelor told E! News.

That said, Gerry wouldn't say exactly who he thinks would be best for the job. "There's no way I could recommend one out of those 22 women that would be better than any of the others," he said. "They'd all be wonderful candidates for it."

And it seems the Golden gals agree, too. Contestant Kathy Noles suggests there should be several leads, per E! News (but that feels unlikely). The show's fourth runner-up Faith Martin seemed interested in leading the next series, and so did Kris Jenner lookalike Susan Noles.

"I got friendship," she said of her time on The Golden Bachelor. "But I want a man."

Joan Vassos, who regrettably had to leave the show early to attend to a family matter, also seemed interested in the possibility of a new spinoff. "It's like speed dating on steroids," she said of her time on the original Golden show. "People find love on the show, and I want to find love still."

What has the network said?

So far, ABC has been radio silent in regard to a Golden Bachelorette. However, given the success of the original Golden Bachelor—I'd say it's likely they'll put something in the works soon!

Golden Bachelor host Jesse Palmer believes the franchise spin-off is certainly in the cards, he told TODAY. “As the show goes on, you learn more about these women, what they’ve been through. I think there’s going to be a swell in support of there being a Golden Bachelorette. That’s my personal opinion," he told the publication.

Who could be the first Golden Bachelorette?

Keep in mind this is all hypothetical. And if there were to be a Golden Bachelorette season, there's no knowing, at this point, who it would be. It truly could be anyone! However, if ABC/The Bachelor franchise follows its normal protocol, it's likely Bachelor Nation has already met the newest Golden Bachelorette on Gerry's season.

So far, Ellen could make a great contender for the role. The 71-year-old was very outspoken throughout the season—and quickly became an audience favorite. Some fans also hope it will be Joan, since she didn't really get to shoot her shot.

Overall, though, 22 women could be the next to hit the Golden Bachelor(ette) spotlight. Here's a rundown of potential Bachelorettes, based on who appeared in Gerry's season:

  • Anna, 61

  • April, 65

  • Christina, 73

  • Edith, 60

  • Ellen, 71

  • Faith Martin, 60

  • Jeanie, 65

  • Joan, 60

  • Kathy, 70

  • Leslie, 64

  • Maria, 60

  • Marina, 60

  • Nancy, 60

  • Natascha, 60

  • Pamela, 75

  • Patty James, 70 (yes—Bachelor Matt James'mom!)

  • Peggy, 69

  • Renee, 67

  • Sandra, 75

  • Susan, 66

  • Sylvia, 64

  • Theresa Nist, 69

It could be one of Gerry Turner's final two.

Obviously, whoever Gerry ends up with is the one woman who definitely will not be the Golden Bachelorette. However, the runner-up is usually a go-to option for the next franchise's star.

theresa nist the bachelor
Theresa Nist is a great contender for the Golden Bachelorette.ABC

According to Reality Steve, Gerry's final two are Leslie and Theresa. ATM, things are looking pretty good for Leslie and Gerry—so I'm guessing Theresa is going to be the runner-up. She'd make a perfect Golden Bachelorette!

It's not clear when The Golden Bachelorette would fit in an ABC line up if it gets greenlit.

Golden Bachelor will end in November, and Joey's season of The Bachelor will likely pick up in January 2024 (and then will probably wrap sometime around March).

Given that The Bachelorette is already an established franchise, I'd guess ABC would prioritize filming that one before the Golden Bachelorette. If that is the case, the newest Bachelor spin-off series could hit ABC as soon as next summer.

The first season of the original Bachelorette followed about ten months after first season of the Bachelor, so perhaps The Golden Bachelorette will hit ABC in August 2024?

In the meantime, you can catch The Golden Bachelor on Thursdays on ABC or next-day on Hulu.

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