Is There Going to Be a 'Die Hard 6' Starring John Krasinski?

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The Bruce Willis action vehicle Die Hard was released in 1988 to mixed responses. As film critic Roger Ebert wrote in his original review, "The name of the movie is 'Die Hard,' and it stars Bruce Willis in another one of those Hollywood action roles where the hero's shirt is ripped off in the first reel so you can see how much time he has been spending at the gym."

While Die Hard might not have been Ebert's favorite movie of the year (that honor went to Mississippi Burning and The Accidental Tourist), it gained a fan base that only grew as more and more films were added to the franchise, up through the release of the fifth Die Hard in 2013.

While fans have hoped for a sixth movie in the decade that's followed, Willis, who suffers from frontotemporal dementia, will not be returning to the role as he's retired from acting. In 2023, a rumor began circulating that John Krasinski would revive the franchise next year. Is that rumor based in any truth?

Here's what we know about whether a sixth Die Hard starring John Krasinski is really in the works.

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Is there a new Die Hard sequel?

Rumors of a sixth Die Hard movie have roamed freely across the internet for years, but the most recent one claims that John Krasinski is set to take over the role made famous by Bruce Willis. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're a purist), a Die Hard movie starring Krasinski is not, in fact, in the works. 

It's hard to pinpoint the exact origin of the rumor, but we know it spread far and wide on Facebook (where else?) thanks in part to the circulation of a fake poster featuring Krasinski in a white tank top reminiscent of the one worn by Willis as McLane.

<p>Facebook/Yoda BBY ABY</p>

Facebook/Yoda BBY ABY

Despite the quasi-believability of the poster, the sequel is nothing but a hoax.

Is John Krasinski starring in a new Die Hard Sequel?

No, Krasinski will not be starring in a sequel to Die Hard. The actor has not commented on the rumor.

When is the new Die Hard sequel coming out?

There is no new Die Hard movie coming out. Internet rumors suggested that a sixth installment to the franchise would be released on Dec. 24, 2024, but they're just that: rumors.

When did the original Die Hard come out?

The first Die Hard movie was released in 1988.

How many Die Hard movies are there?

There are five Die Hard movies in the franchise.

What are the Die Hard movies in order?

The Die Hard movies in order are:

  • Die Hard (1988)

  • Die Hard 2 (1990)

  • Die Hard with a Vengence (1995)

  • Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

  • A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

Is Bruce Willis in all the Die Hard movies?

Yes, Bruce Willis stars as John McLane in all five Die Hard movies.

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Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

The first Die Hard movie takes place on Christmas, which has made it a popular movie choice for fans during the holiday season. However, the holiday has little to no bearing on the movie's plot. Debate amongst yourselves!

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