Book a "Godzilla View" Room in Japan

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Imagine waking up to Godzilla! 

When booking a hotel, most people ask for an ocean view, or city view. But in Shinjuku, Japan at the new Hotel Gracery, guests can book a “Godzilla view.”

Hotel Gracery is located above a Toho movie theater in Shinjuku — since Toho is the film company famous for creating Godzilla and producing Godzilla films, it erected a big Godzilla head that looks like it’s devouring the hotel for the April 24 grand opening.

Only in Japan. 

Inside the hotel, there are also two “Godzilla view” rooms that overlook the monster, which will set you back $125 a night. Then there are a few “Godzilla rooms” (starting at $334 a night) filled with film memorabilia and an enormous reptilian claw hanging over each bed. For everyone else there is an observation deck for prime Godzilla viewing.

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