Gocycle CXi & CX+: Redefining Urban Mobility with Revolutionary Features

The GoCycle CXi and CX+ are an innovative experiment in the e-cargo category.<p>GoCycle</p>
The GoCycle CXi and CX+ are an innovative experiment in the e-cargo category.


Gocycle, renowned for its pioneering urban electric bikes, has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the unveiling of its groundbreaking CXi and CX+ family cargo electric bikes. Initially teased as CGI concepts, the pre-production images confirm that these automotive-inspired e-bikes are set to revolutionize urban transportation.

CEO Richard Thorpe describes the CXi and CX+ as embodying Gocycle's ethos of fun-filled urban mobility, boasting a suite of patented innovations. The brand's signature OneDesignDNA® philosophy shines through in every aspect, from the sleek side-mounted Pitstopwheels® to the enclosed Cleandrive® drivetrain and internal cabling, ensuring a seamless and distinctive design.

Thorpe emphasizes the versatility and appeal of the CXi and CX+, addressing a vital gap in the market for discerning families seeking lightweight and agile cargo bikes. With customizable accessory configurations, including the F1-inspired HaloCX protective handrail for smaller passengers, Gocycle offers a solution that seamlessly blends safety and enjoyment.

"Inspired by F1 and my own experiences with my son doing the school run on a Gocycle, HaloCX redefines safety and ergonomics for kids," says Thorpe. Crafted from carbon fiber, the HaloCX handrail epitomizes the brand's commitment to innovation and quality.



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The CXi and CX+ electric bikes boast a bold new WingPillar Frame® rear deck, fully compatible with MIK child seats and accessories, enhancing their versatility. With optional premium cherry and teak wood finishes, Gocycle allows personalized touches that elevate the riding experience.

Adding to the racing-inspired design, Gocycle introduces F1-inspired winglets, acting as a step up to the rear deck for passengers, seamlessly blending style with functionality.

Despite their advanced features, the CXi and CX+ remain lightweight and stowable, making them ideal companions for urban living. At just 50 lbs, these bikes offer unparalleled convenience without sacrificing performance.

The FloFit handlebar is just another of many proprietary features that GoCycle is known for.<p>GoCycle</p>
The FloFit handlebar is just another of many proprietary features that GoCycle is known for.


The introduction of the FloFit® handlebar marks a significant leap in rider ergonomics and comfort. Offering adjustable reach, height, grip angle, and multiple hand positions, the FloFit® handlebar ensures a customized riding experience tailored to individual preferences.

With a 5-Speed Shimano Nexus hub belt drive providing extended gear range and the WingPillar Frame® tested to meet rigorous safety standards, the CXi and CX+ deliver on performance and reliability.

The CXi and CX+ represent what GoCyle hopes will be a paradigm shift in urban transportation, offering unmatched versatility, innovation, and style. With limited availability and pre-orders closing soon, those seeking the ultimate in electric cargo bikes should act fast to secure their place among the first owners of these groundbreaking vehicles.

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