GNET G-ON Dash Cam is a Must for your Car – Here’s Why

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There is no doubt that a dash cam can greatly increase the safety of your driving since it can record accidents, protect you against frauds, prevent parking accidents and provide numerous useful functions. Before you can make this valuable investment, you need to compare different types and learn more about dash cam installation.

Luckily, GNET G-ON Dash Cam has come to the Canadian market, and established itself as the best performing model with the leading brand. It not only has the premium features you will need from a dash cam, but it also outperforms the other brands by providing a better user experience for drivers.

Longest Wi-Fi Range

The GNET G-ON Dash Cam has the longest Wi-Fi range compared with other brands including Blackvue, Thinkware, and Viofo, making it easier to connect with your home Wi-Fi. The best thing is that you can easily access the camera on a G-NET app which has the upgraded Graphic User Interface and improved user convenience. The cloud option could also be enabled with the hotspot.

Widest Viewing Angle Front

With GNET G-ON, you will have the viewing angle of 160 degrees in the front and 150 degrees in the rear, which allows more reliable recording of the possible side accidents.

Alerts are by Speeches, Not Beeps

It makes us nervous when we hear continuous loud beeps, and oftentimes we don’t have the luxury to inspect the specific problems while driving. That’s why the GNET G-ON is made more user friendly by providing speech alerts instead of beeps. In other words, you will hear an instruction or a description of the problem to help you understand the details quickly when anything unusual happens.

Clean and Slick Look

The sleek design of the GNET G-ON dash cam is also a big advantage. While other brands’ models are dangling from cylinder mounted brackets, G-ON dash cam is directly mounted flat to the windshield, leaving more space for your car.

Low Battery Prevention Built In

We all know how inconvenient and frustrating it could be when the car runs out of battery. The GNET G-ON will remove this concern from your list by cutting off the power when the voltage falls below the specific level with the Intelligent Safe Guard function.

With the GENT G-ON dash cam, you can easily add more protection to your driving in an user-friendly way, and there are so many more benefits for you to explore.

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