How to use the GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate

Not all tailgates are equal, and this one on the GMC Sierra might be the one with the most features. But is it actually handy or just a gimmick? Autoblog tests it out.

Video Transcript

REESE COUNTS: This is what GMC is calling the MultiPro Tailgate. Like the Silverado, you do get power down. Unlike the Silverado, you do have to lift it back up manually. But there are a few tricks in the sleeve.

First off, like I said, it can go down. There is also a cutout here. So you can get better access to the bed. This whips down. And there's a step up to 375 pounds.

You can lower the top part. So it can work kind of like a workstation, you know. It's about high enough for a laptop or something. You can lift that up, get distance there. Or have a bed extender.

Pretty neat, though it's not as easy to use the first few times. Not all of the parts work in tandem with each other, like now you can lower it here. But if you already had this down, you can't lower the rest of the tailgate.