The Gluten-Free Flour Created By Chefs At The French Laundry

chef holding dough
chef holding dough - Apomares/Getty Images

Adapting recipes for gluten-free dietary restrictions can be a challenging but not impossible endeavor. Thanks to some of the chefs at The French Laundry, at-home bakers have significantly less math to complete while figuring out substitutions for gluten-filled baking recipes. Cup4Cup offers a perfect 1:1 ratio for flour, and the result of the gluten-free baked goods offers the same kind of finish as if gluten never left the kitchen.

The chefs at The French Laundry were inspired to come up with the flour in 2010 so that gluten-free diners could have similar dining experiences in the restaurant. The flour became the first gluten-free flour that could be substituted equally in baking recipes for a regular cup of all-purpose or whole wheat flour without any noticeable difference in texture or taste. From biscuits and scones to hamburger buns and chocolate cakes, Cup4Cup flour makes baking recipes accessible to all, without chefs having to sacrifice any of the elements that make their most prized recipes delicious.

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A Satisfying Ingredient Swap

slice of carrot cake
slice of carrot cake - Cup4Cup/Instagram

Cup4Cup's portfolio of gluten-free flours (the line offers wholesome flour, multipurpose flour, and ancient grains) is so reliable that chefs themselves gush over the unique products. "My wife has celiac and as a chef who also likes to cook at home, this can be incredibly limiting. I use this recipe for an exact swap of all-purpose flour in anything I bake, and I absolutely swear by it," Katy Smith, the executive chef of a restaurant in Southern California, told Food & Wine.

The positive reception of Cup4Cup flour inspired The French Laundry team to offer baking mixes for gluten-free bakers to make cornbread, chocolate brownies, pancakes and waffles, and chocolate and yellow cakes with ease, and the brand's website offers a host of recipes that cater specifically to those following a gluten-free lifestyle. Cup4Cup products are made in a gluten-free facility and can be purchased in bulk for those making a large number of bakery products, homemade pasta, or bread for restaurants and bakeries offering gluten-free menu items.

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