Glitter Ice Cocktails Make a Sparkling Addition to Any Holiday This Year

This simple trick can take your holiday party beverages from plain and boring to glitz and glam.

The cocktails and mocktails you serve at your holiday party are just as much a centerpiece as your tree—but finding an exciting recipe without cutting into the time you need for cleaning, cooking, and hosting can pose a challenge. Enter the new twist on a classic festive cocktail: edible glitter ice cubes.

Ekaterina Fedulyeva / Getty Images
Ekaterina Fedulyeva / Getty Images

How to Make Glittery Ice

These sparkling ice cubes upgrade any beverage, alcoholic or not—just add about a ¼ teaspoon of edible glitter to the bottom of your ice cube tray and add water or a juice that adds to the flavor. You can choose to stir or leave the mix as is, depending on the look you’re after (more glitter will settle to the bottom of the mold if not stirred). After the ice hits your drink, the edible glitter will start to dissolve, creating a gorgeous cocktail that only gets prettier as the ice continues to melt.

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Ideal for All Holidays

If you want to amp up a Halloween cocktail, make some black edible glitter ice roses. For the winter holidays, go for gold and red edible glitter in molds with shapes like ornaments or stars. Even if you're not celebrating a holiday, the frozen element can elevate a simple drink into a more luxe experience for any kind of celebration (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.), whether it has alcohol or not.

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Tips and Tricks to Upgrade Your Glitter Ice Beverage

Color-Changing Magic

Some content creators have taken this trend to the next level by concocting mesmerizing color-changing drinks. TikTok user @luxxdrops uses a purple glitter ice cube (made in the cup rather than a traditional mold) with a yellow glitter cocktail to make a drink that slowly morphs from canary yellow to deep orange.

Variety of Colors

The ice trend also experiments with adding food dye to the ice cubes to create different color combinations. This can completely alter the original color of the glitter or darken it to give it more depth and interest. Match the colors to the theme or palette of your party for an impressively-cohesive look.

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Ace the Timing

If you’re worried about the glitter not melting in time for your guests to appreciate the magical effects, you can dip already-frozen ice into edible glitter and place them in the drink right away—it automatically decorates the ice cubes and dissolves into the liquid as you pour your beverage.

Avoid Cloudy Ice

To really wow your guests, try boiling your water before freezing it. Water with a lot of air in it creates foggy ice, which won’t show off the edible glitter as well as crystal clear ice. Boiling the water beforehand removes the air bubbles and prevents the ice from becoming cloudy—leaving your drink looking like it came straight from a professional bartender.

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