Girlfriend ‘overspent’ on family vacation, refuses to go on another one: ‘It was a disaster’

A woman doesn’t want to go on vacation with her boyfriend’s family again.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her boyfriend’s family booked a chalet in 2021. It was supposed to be no more than £300 per person. But things couldn’t have gone worse.

“It was a disaster for me. Me and my SO overspent by almost £2000 between us,” she explained. “His brother had lined up a load of activities for everyone to do without telling us.”

His brother even booked every meal despite the chalet providing meals. Moreover, the actual chalet was a “dump” that was rundown and overstaffed. Her boyfriend spent the entire time with his brother, and she was relegated to hanging out with infant or elderly family members.

She told him she wasn’t going on the next family trip. But she recently learned the family booked her a spot on the trip.

“I get added to a family group saying they had just booked the exact same park,” she wrote. “Same dates in 2024 and that we needed to pay for our share, which was £150 on top of what we paid last year.”

Her boyfriend told her he thought she would have changed her mind by now. Now he’s guilting her into paying for her share of the trip because his parents aren’t “very well off.” She told him that it was not her problem.

Redditors thought the girlfriend had every right to sit the vacation out.

“You have been soundly ignored,” a person commented.

“Definitely not too late to dump the manipulative BF,” a user said.

“If his parents aren’t well off then wtf are they booking pricey vacations where they buy EVERYONES tickets?” another said.

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