A College Student in Virginia Said She Was "Doing Cocaine With the Devil" When She Killed Her Best Friend

Photo credit: A photo of the deceased, Alexa Cannon, courtesy of Instagram
Photo credit: A photo of the deceased, Alexa Cannon, courtesy of Instagram

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Update, 10/8/19: 21-year old Virginia college student Luisa Ines Cutting just pleaded guilty to killing her roommate and best friend, Alexa Cannon.

Talking to the police right after the January 24 killing, Luisa reportedly said she was "doing cocaine with the devil" and was mixing drugs and alcohol when she stabbed Alexa more than 30 times. The Commonwealth's attorney Chris Rehak claimed that Louisa's initial questioning with the police was a "rambling and bizarre series of episodes" and that she talked about the Apocalypse and recited the Hail Mary prayer. According to him, she also tried to shove her fist in her mouth.

Yesterday, The Roanoke Times reported that Luisa apologized to Alexa's family in court and said, "There are no words for this tragedy and my heart is filled with sorrow and grief.…I am so, so sorry."

Video: 21-year-old college student reportedly stabs fellow classmate to death

After she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, Luisa was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Original Story, 1/25/19: A Virginia college student just told police that she killed her own roommate.

Luisa Ines Cutting, a student at Radford University, was arrested for allegedly stabbing her best friend Alexa Cannon multiple times before police were called to the scene, per People.

Luisa and Alexa lived in an off-campus apartment together in the city of Radford. On Thursday morning, police were called to the apartment at 7:45 a.m. According to the search warrant, one of the officers was able to hear a woman “making reference to a knife.” When they knocked on the door, they were encountered by a woman "covered in blood.”

“The female turned around, placed her hands behind her back and stated, ‘Arrest me,’” the search warrant stated. An officer asked the woman what happened, and she allegedly said "I killed her."

When the officers looked inside, they saw a woman on the floor with multiple stab wounds and a butcher knife sticking out of her mouth, per the search warrant.

Luisa and Alexa had been best friends for nearly three years. According to a post on Alexa's Instagram, they met online and ended up living across from one another for a year. They became friends and then decided to be roommates. Alexa wrote in one caption, "Love you more Lu and everyone pray that we don’t kill each other this year. ❤️"

Luisa is currently being held without bail, and her arraignment has been postponed.

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