Girl Scout Cookie Season Just Got Better With This Sweet Lip Oil

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For Girl Scout Cookie SZN, You Need This Lip Oil

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’Tis the season to indulge in some Girl Scout cookies! Whether your fave is buttery Trefoils, chocolatey Thin Mints, or the coconut, caramel, and chocolate-laden Samoas, there truly seems to be a flavor for everyone. And though we put down those delightful boxes of cookies way too fast, there’s finally a way for us to savor our favorite cookies for longer.

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Please meet the ~sweetest~ lip product: The Hard Candy x Girl Scouts Sweet Treat Lip Repair Oil. One of our current obsessions at BPHQ is the Y2K-throwback brand Hard Candy and its Glosstopia Lip Repair Oils, so we were pumped when we spotted this collab with Girl Scouts. The Sweet Treat Lip Repair Oil comes in three different Girl Scout cookie scents: Coconut Caramel, Trefoil, and Thin Mint. And even cuter, each component matches the color of its cookie counterpart’s box (so blue for Trefoils, purple for Samoas, and green for Thin Mints!). Plus, you can get each for $15 or less at Walmart.

Beyond the adorable look of the packaging, we really love the thick doe-foot applicator that makes it so easy to apply the nourishing lip oil. That’s right: It doesn’t just look good and smell good, but it’s good for your lips, too! It’s packed with jojoba oil, vitamin E, and squalane that helps take your lips from its wintery chapped state to healthy, juicy, and ready for spring. Plus, it gives your pout a gorgeous glossy finish that isn’t sticky or heavy on your pucker — perfect for topping off your look.

For those who maybe didn’t order enough Girl Scout cookies this season (TBH, we never order enough), you can continue experiencing the sweet joy of the season’s best cookies when you grab a Hard Candy x Girl Scouts Sweet Treat Lip Repair Oil from Walmart.

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