"Girl Meets World" Actor Uriah Shelton Reveals He Didn't Get Along With Some of His Cast Mates

Photo credit: Disney Channel
Photo credit: Disney Channel

From Seventeen

The main cast of Girl Meets World - Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Corey Fogelmanis, and Peyton Meyer - made it abundantly clear on multiple occasions that they got along as well off screen as they did on screen. They referred to each other as family IRL and were devastated to find out they wouldn't be working together on a fourth season when the Boy Meets World spinoff got cancelled.

But as it turns out, there is one person who didn't really click with the cast: Uriah Shelton, who played Riley's uncle (and Maya's crush), Josh.

In a new interview with M Magazine, Uriah revealed that of all his castmates, he butted heads most with Rowan Blanchard and he isn't really in touch with any of his other former castmates, either.

"I've run into Peyton quite a bit. Peyton is actually the only one I've really ran into since the show ended," Uriah told M magazine. "I mean, Sabrina's, you know traveling around and putting out music – which honestly sounds great. As for Rowan, Rowan doesn't necessarily like me. We've have a lot of [differences]."

Uriah seems to be hinting that their rift stems from their differing political views. Fans noticed that Uriah has a history of liking anti-feminist posts on Instagram. And considering Rowan is one of the most outspoken feminists in Hollywood, it's understandable why that would be hard for her to accept.

Once, when fans commented on Rowan's Insta begging her to "end" Uriah publicly, she reportedly responded by simply saying, "[I] don't have time for for him and his stupidity lol."

"She doesn't really like me," Uriah continued to tell M. "I don't care."

Despite the tension with Rowan, he explained that he's not holding any grudges and respects how passionate she is. "I don't have anything against her," he explained. "She's a very, you know, passionate girl. She definitely wholeheartedly believes what she does."

He seemed to hint at the tension - and his continued respect - in his goodbye video after GMW was cancelled.

But as far as continued friendship with his former castmates goes, he's not holding out any hope.

"I don't expect to be hanging out with them, but they're really good people," Uriah said.

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