Girl discovers current boyfriend knew her late mom: ‘A moment straight out of a movie’

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A TikToker was shocked when she learned her current boyfriend knew her late mother.

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Leah Menzies shared her story in a viral video. Her mom passed away when she was a little girl. She never thought any of her future boyfriends would get a chance to meet her beloved mother. Then, life threw a twist at her.

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“Me thinking my mom (who died when I was 7) will never get to meet my future boyfriend,” Menzies wrote in the video caption. “Only to find out she was his kindergarten teacher.”

Then, a clip of Menzies and her boyfriend cut to an old class photo of him and her mom as his kindergarten teacher.

“Found out through this photo in his photo album. A moment straight out of a movie,” she said in the caption.

The video received over 36.2 million views, 9.9 million likes and a whopping 72,000 comments.

“It’s as if she remembered some significance about him and sent him to you. Love fate,” someone commented.

“Literally, like a seven-second video, and I’m crying,” another wrote.

“And this is [how] the universe works in mysterious ways,” a person said.

“I’m so glad she at least got to see him at one point in time,” a TikToker replied.

“I’m crying! My late husband was a preschool teacher, and I hope this happens for my kids one day,” a user responded.

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