Who Is the Giraffe on 'The Masked Singer'? Even Twitter is Stumped

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Fans of The Masked Singer didn't have to wait long for a performer to leave them completely stumped. The Giraffe, looking prim and proper in its 1700s-style atire, was the second masked celeb to take the stage during the season4 premiere. And although the clue package was filled with info, no one seems to be able to decipher it — not even the judges. No guess is too big this season (except maybe Barack Obama, which is an actual guess the judges had in season one.) But season 4 is billing itself as the one with "the biggest celebrities yet," so that leaves a lot of options on the table.

So who is the Giraffe on The Masked Singer?

Giraffe Guess 1: Lin Manuel Miranda

Prior to the premiere, fans thought the Giraffe was someone from the Broadway play, Hamilton. This was based on nothing but that Founding Fathers-type of outfit. And though that could be a number of people — Daveed Diggs and Jordan Fisher, to name a few — many people assumed the Giraffe was the man behind the titular character (and, frankly, the whole show): Lin-Manuel Miranda

"I'm getting Hamilton vibes," one person wrote in the comments of the Giraffe's YouTube reveal video. "This has to be someone from Hamilton. I'm calling it now," added another. A third commenter put some names behind their guess. "This is either Daveed Diggs, Jordan Fisher, or Lin-Manuel Miranda," they speculated.

Following the Giraffe's first performance, a cover of the Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get it Started," the guess of Miranda continued.

Giraffe Guess 2: Vanilla Ice

Several fans thought '90s rapper Vanilla Ice (aka Robert Matthew Van Winkle) could be the man behind the Giraffe. In the clue package, the Giraffe said, "music is in my blood, but when I took a gigantic risk I became the butt of everyone’s jokes." Vanilla Ice, though talented, has always been subject to criticism. There was even an article in an 1991 issue of the New York Times titled, "Why the World is After Vanilla Ice."

There are, of course, some clues that don't make sense. For example, the Giraffe seemed to make a lot of references to cars — from potentially being in a crash to driving them professionally. And although Vanilla Ice has an affinity for cars, he isn't associated enough with cars for that to be a giveaway clue.

Judge's First Impressions:

Nicole Scherzinger: “I have no idea.”

Jenny McCarthy: “It’s gonna be so funny to see how stupid we are later.” Travis Barker

Robin Thicke: Vanilla Ice

Ken Jeong: Garth Brooks

Without much more to go on, these are all valid guesses. Due to the pandemic, most TV and movie productions have been shut down, freeing many A-list celebrities up to compete on a show like The Masked Singer. No one is off-limits this year.

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