Ginger Zee Fights Off Fashion Hater

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Ginger Zee defended herself against a hater. Photo: Ginger Zee/Facebook

Most women feel pressure to look great every single day. Whether they’re heading to the office or the grocery store, they’re making sure their hair is in place, their mascara’s on, and their outfit’s pulled together—and who’s going to see them? No one, at least not compared to how many people are going to see Ginger Zee, Good Morning America's weather anchor. The 33-year-old’s outfits are seen—and judged—by millions each morning. So when one of those watchers channeled her inner fashion cop and critiqued Zee’s style, she fought back. 

“Seriously you really need a fashion manager. Take some hints from Robin. She always dresses with CLASS. You on the other hand look ridiculous [in] tight leggings and tight top[s] [are] not appropriate and look stupid with heels,” Carol Ann posted on the TV personality’s Facebook page. Ann even recommends that Zee get a clothing allowance and “HELP!!!!” improving her look.

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Instead of just ignoring the unsolicited commentary, Zee gracefully responded, “Thanks so much for sharing your opinion. No clothing allowance.” She also took a screenshot of the exchange and wrote along with the photo, “I agree haters gonna hate but this is a good way to inspire us all to say something kind to someone else; you never know what they are going through.” 

Not surprisingly, Zee’s been inundated with praise for standing up to her bully. The pic has nearly 6,000 likes, and nearly as many comments—and it was only posted yesterday. People are calling Zee a role model; one told her to rock on with her fabulous self; others called her awesome and beautiful, and many echoed the mantra, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!”

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Some of Zee’s professional peers even joined in on the conversation. “Yes you’re in the public eye, but twitter, FB and instagram haters need to relax with the negativity,” Kye Martin, a news anchor in Chicago wrote. Karen Minton, an Atlanta-based meteorologist, noted that she gets similar messages. “She has NO idea what it takes to get up as early as you do, how hard you work and still look great. You are smart, talented and beautiful.”

In August, someone called Zee the “most ugly weather girl i.v seen on tv.” She wittily retorted on Twitter, “Please get it right. I’m “the ugliest METEOROLOGIST you’ve seen. Happy Friday!” She added on Facebook, “I love people. Call me ugly all you want, but don’t disrespect me by calling me that other nasty term! I studied too hard & chased too many storms to be called that.”

Zee joins other anchors who have recently raised attention to issues in regards to fashion and image within the TV industry. Karl Stefanovic revealed in August that he wore the same navy blue suit on air every morning for an entire year—and no one even noticed. Sam Rubin, a Los Angeles-based reporter, called out haters that commented on his weight. Both of these men drew attention to the strikingly sexist double standards women face. “I’m judged on my interviews, my appalling sense of humor; on how I do my job, basically,” Stefanovic said. “Whereas women are quite often judged on what they’re wearing or how their hair is.” Not if Zee has anything to say about it.