This Ginger Room Perfume Banishes Kitchen Odors From My Tiny Apartment

Jenna Adrian-Diaz
·1 min read

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No matter how incredible dinner smells while it’s cooking, I never want to smell it two hours after the kitchen’s been cleaned up. I’ve moved on (ideally to dessert), but my small apartment, it seems, has not.

That’s why I find Diptyque’s Gingembre Room Spray to be absolute genius, instantly banishing lingering scents with a couple pumps of the nozzle. And unlike many air fresheners out there, it actually smells fresh—like just-sliced ginger root. It’s uplifting, invigorating, energizing, even. (Everything that nearly 365 consecutive days of working, eating, and virtual socializing at home is not.)

Because Diptyque’s formulation lacks cloying notes of vanilla or sugar often used in room sprays, it won’t clash with your last meal. Even a really punchy, lingering eau de cast-iron-seared harissa duck leg gives way. And, because the parfumerie says the formulation is fabric safe, I have no qualms about spritzing it on the couch, throw pillows, or even my winter coat when meals get really fragrant. Plus, the bottle looks so good that I can leave it out on my coffee table without needing to stash it in an overcrowded closet.

Yes, I fully acknowledge that at $68 for 150 ml of ginger-scented magic, this spray is a splurge. But I’ve had the same bottle for two years now and it’s still going strong. This stuff is pretty potent. More potent than anything I can whip up in the kitchen.

Diptyque Gingembre Room Spray

$68.00, Nordstrom


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