Gigi Hadid Discusses Life With Almost 3-Year-Old Khai: ‘She Is a Genius’

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What is Gigi Hadid’s private life like as a mother to nearly three-year-old Khai? It’s full of fun in New York City, the model revealed to W magazine.

Hadid gave W insight on their day-to-day in a new interview released ahead of New York Fashion Week.“We get ready together,” Hadid said. “She watches me do my thing. She’ll brush her teeth with me, and now she’s wanting to put moisturizer on, which is so cute.” Hadid and Khai’s time together includes play dates, park time, and occasional visits to New York’s slime museum, The Sloomoo Institute, the magazine revealed.

Hadid echoed the remarks her ex-boyfriend and Khai’s father, Zayn Malik, made about Khai’s high intelligence earlier this summer. “She really makes me laugh,” Hadid said. “We crack up and dance all day and talk a lot. She’s almost 3, and she is a genius, if I do say so myself.”

Malik spoke about Khai on the Call Her Daddy podcast, in an episode released in July. He touched on what traits she shares with him, saying, “I think she’s funny. Like, she’s a bit of a cheeky one. Yeah, she likes to have a bit of a joke and stuff and laugh a lot. She’s chill though, but she loves reading as well, which is something I think she definitely took from me. She just has an affinity for words, like she remembers everything.”

He also touched on her musical talent. “My favorite thing to do with her is she shows a lot of signs of like musical intelligence already,” he began. “So I just love like, playing instruments with her and singing with her. I’ll sing, and she sings along, and she can do like good harmonies and stuff already. And she’s only two and a half, like, and she harmonizes with me well and finishes notes. She can hold them for a long time. I’m like, you might have a bit of ability, you.”

He continued: “[She] hit these high notes, like for falsettos. Yeah, it’s crazy. I’m like yo, like whoa. I couldn’t do this at your age. I didn’t speak until I was three. And she remembers full lyrics to songs as well. Like, every word. [She’s] smart. She loves Disney movies, so we sing a lot of Disney songs together and sing like, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me,’ and stuff. Yeah, she sings really cute.”

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