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Gifting an Apple product? Don't forget these great accessories starting from just $7 — up to 40% off

Do you ever get fruit in your Christmas stocking? This year, if you plan to gift someone an Apple (product), make sure to pair it with one of these great accessories. They make fantastic stocking stuffers for the iOS user in your life. For example, how many times have you accidentally bumped your Apple Watch against something in the course of a day? It's easy to freak out an panic, but a gadget like the Jaojavo Screen Protector will keep your watch safe from scratches and harm — and it's just $8 for a pack of five right now.

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These tempered glass screen protectors can keep your Watch safe against scratches, bumps, and other types of damage that might occur throughout the day — and you get five for just $8. 

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$8 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

An Apple Watch is, at minimum, about a $200 investment. You don't want it to get damaged, especially when you can spend just a few dollars on a screen protector that will keep it safe. You'll get five of these for just $8, or about $1.50 each.

Why do I need this?

Even if you're careful, accidents can happen. Something as simple as washing the dishes can result in dings to your Apple Watch (especially if there are any misplaced sharp instruments nearby that could gouge the screen.) These screen protectors are just like the kind you would put on your phone, except that they're small enough to fit on your Apple Watch.

The covers come in five color options: black, rose gold, clear, pink, and white. Match it to your watch, or mix things up for a bit of flair — it's your call. The covers have both a hard case around the sides as well as a thin glass screen protector to ensure protection from both scratches and drops.

There are multiple size choices, too. Whether you have the largest possible watch face or the smallest, you'll find a protector that can help.

Shove some Apple accessories into the stockings this year.
Shove some Apple accessories into the stockings this year.

What reviewers say

"This case is a must have for anyone that wears an Apple Watch on a regular basis! I am pretty hard on products, and this case does not disappoint! The touchscreen works just like it does without the screen protector on. Great product," one fan raved.

Another shopper backed up those sentiments: "Definitely worth the money! The durability of this product is amazing. It has not affected the touch screen at all and had a tight fit that does not allow water underneath like some other brands do!"

"I'd been using a TPU screen cover on my watch but it would allow water to get in and they would yellow quickly. These make my watch look high end and do not let moisture get in behind them. The only con is removing them can be a little difficult as you have to pry them off gently," said another customer.

Other Apple accessories

AirPods are amazing, but they can also get a bit grody. Keep your AirPods looking and sounding great with this easy-to-use cleaning kit that makes it a breeze to get ear wax out of even the deepest parts of your case. And if your ear tips are beyond saving? Well, just replace them. 

$7 at Amazon

If you know someone who can't stand to wear the same thing more than once, this is a great gift. Not only do the double discounts let you walk away with this six-pack for just $9 — that's $1.50 each — but they come in six different colors so that you can always find the right choice for the right day. 

$9 at Amazon

Is someone on your list getting an iPhone this year? Then make sure you outfit them with the proper kind of case, too. The last thing you want is for a case of butterfingers to result in an ugly scratch on the side or the screen of a brand-new phone. 

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$9 at Amazon

If you combine an Amazon Prime subscription with the on-page coupon, you can snag these waterproof AirTag holders for just $15 for a four pack. That's just over $3 each! 

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$15 at Amazon

Stop fiddling with cables when it's time to charge your phone. Instead, place it down on this wireless charging pad from Tozo and power up faster than ever. It's certified to work with 10W fast-charging, so your phone will be ready to go in practically no time at all. Plus, you can get it in a lot of different colors.

Save $7 with coupon
$13 at Amazon

Do you ever want to recapture the feel of a classic Mac? This Apple Watch stand makes it possible, and it works in Nightstand Mode, too. At just $13, it's a steal. 

$13 at Amazon

No one likes to be left in the lurch when it comes to power. Not only does this Iniu Portable Charger provide an extra 10,000mAhs of juice, but it does so while giving you a quick-look LED in the form of a paw print. It's adorable, and it's 40% off. 

$20 at Amazon

USB troubles? Don't worry, most Mac users have them. While USB-C and Thunderbolt are great, sometimes you just need to plug in an older format. This easy-to-use hub makes it possible. For just $20, you can walk away with three extra USB-A ports, a USB-C port, an HDMI port, and even an SD card reader. 

$20 at Amazon

Level up your iPad usage with this Smart Keyboard, designed from the ground up to work with a wide range of different model iPads and make it easier than ever to take notes or get some work done on the go. It's over 50% off!

$130 at Amazon

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