Gift This Little Mermaid Lego Playset to Your Favorite Disney Fan Before Seeing the Movie

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Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and with it comes the premiere of Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. We couldn't be more excited to see Halle Bailey as Ariel herself and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, who is the best Disney villain — we're not taking questions on that one.

But before you and your fellow Disney fans head to the theater to see the movie, you're going to want to pick up this super-cute Little Mermaid Lego Playset as a fun little surprise for your favorite Disney adult or kiddo. And at just around $20, you might want to grab one for yourself, too!

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Disney's The Little Mermaid Story Book Playset


This 134-piece playset just launched at the beginning of May in anticipation of the new movie and joins Lego's collection of Disney Storybook Adventures sets — others of which are inspired by movies like Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Encanto, Frozen 2, and Peter Pan & Wendy.

This particular Disney Lego set features figurines of Ariel, Ursula, Sebastian, and Prince Eric and showcases elements featured in the movie, like a green gem in a glass case representing Ariel's stolen voice, the stone statue of Prince Eric, and a trident that we can only assume is a shoutout to Ariel's dad, King Triton. When you dive into the storybook playset, there are two sides: Ariel's iconic secret grotto and Ursula's notable purple-infused lair. Plus, in the center of the open book is a library belonging to Prince Eric.

With a cute storybook design on the outside, you can easily close the playset like a book when you want a break from the fun. It even comes with a gold key you can use to lock the playset, so you can keep all of the Little Mermaid goodness to yourself (or to keep your dog and/or small kids from trying to eat the little pieces inside).

The Little Mermaid hits theaters on Friday, May 26, so we recommend you go ahead and order this before you head to the movies. We'd hate for you to be one of those ~poor, unfortunate souls~ who doesn't have this Lego set (we had to!).

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