Giant St. Bernard Takes a Mud Bath and He's Too Cute To Be Mad At

There aren't enough towels on earth for this big boy.

Spring is a season that exudes a feeling of renewed vitality and wonder. The sun's gentle rays start to thaw the winter chill, coaxing tender buds from the earth. A colorful tapestry of flowers begins to emerge, while the chirping of birds and fluttering of butterflies fills the air... and our yards are disgusting, dumpster soggy disasters of mud due to melting snow and rain.

And, of course, our dogs are thrilled by this, just like TikTok account holder @Lucyandnorman's ginormous Saint Bernard. Just wait until you see this lovable pup's mud-filled adventure.

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OMG! There is not enough soap, or water, or towels to deal with this. But this big boy is having so much fun and he's so adorable, we could never be mad at him! Dogs gotta dog, and a dirty dog is a happy dog! @Dptt comments, "It's spa day. Self-care is important." @Robert adds, "Spring water and fresh air. New sniffs to sniff! Life is good!" @Floppy commiserates and replies, "I feel your pain. My Saint Bernard does the exact same thing." @Niki says, "Norman is living his best life!" @Steve applauds, Well done guys!"

Someone asked the creator how long it takes to bathe Norman, and she replied, "Once he dries, the mud just falls off and he's strangely clean. But a bath takes about an hour!"

We're sure cuddling with this sweet guy once he's all clean and dry from the tub makes it all worth it. He's just a gigantic adorable love bunny!

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