A Giant Inflatable Game of Twister Exists, And You Need It At Your Next Party

Photo credit: Hammacher Schlemmer
Photo credit: Hammacher Schlemmer

From Women's Health

Summer is the perfect time of year for outdoor games, like corn hole, badminton, volleyball, even water balloon fights. But there's one classic game every outdoor party is seriously overlooking, and that's Twister. And not the traditional, two to four-person game you grew up with. No—Hammacher Schlemmer has taken the concept to the next level, with a 15-foot by 15-foot inflatable that lets everyone get in on the fun at once.

The rules are simple: Just like regular Twister, each player must spin a wheel, which determines whether you should place your hand or foot down, and on which color circle it should go. For example, if "right hand red" is selected, each player must place their right hand on any vacant red circle. If your right hand's already on red, you've got to move it to another circle of the same color. Any player who touches the mat with body parts besides your hands and feet will be eliminated! Given that you'll have to constantly stabilize yourself as people move around on the inflatable, it should be even more challenging than the classic game.

A 1-horsepower air blower is included with your purchase of the gigantic blow-up mat, as well as a 3-foot-tall spinning wheel that indicates which hand or foot of each player must touch the particular color. If this giant Twister game is too much for you, relax—you can ease into the big leagues by picking up the traditional game first.

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