This Giant Alligator Loki Body Pillow Is Glorious

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Alligator Loki, you are gone but certainly not forgotten. Here at Nerdist, we’re still recovering from that epic Loki finale. My mind is, quite frankly, overwhelmed by what went down and what it means for the MCU. Still, I felt a pang of sadness early Wednesday morning. As if something was missing from my life. Obviously, I’m referring to the Lokis we left behind in episode five, most notably Classic Loki and Alligator Loki. The latter of whom was a surprise arrival in the MCU and, naturally, became an immediate sensation.

But while Alligator Loki was missing from our screens, he was not missing from our hearts, and certainly not a new slew of Loki-related merch. Including this epic Alligator Loki body pillow from Noble Demons.

Alligator Loki body pillow
Alligator Loki body pillow

Noble Demons

I’m in love. With it’s glorious horned helmet, this giant Alligator Loki pillow is a must-have. And it is a massive pillow, clocking in at five feet tall. (For the record, this writer is not much taller.) The pillow, which is available for pre-order costs $150, and can be pre-ordered through July 23.

Naturally, because the body pillow is so giant, Neon Demons isn’t able to send it stuffed. However, they do very helpfully provide a recommendation on what sort of stuffing to get and where to find it. The description recommends Poly Fil, which you can find at Walmart and a slew of other craft stores. To wash, just take out the stuffing and toss it in the machine! (The brand refers to the character as Croki. We know this particular Loki is not a crocodile but this is all so delightful we are overlooking.)

While Noble Demons doesn’t specify how many body pillows are available for purchase, they stress it is a limited item due to the size and could run out before the July 23 deadline. So if you’re leaning towards pressing purchase, I’d go for it! The Alligator Loki body pillows will ship out in August.

Alligator Loki, we hope you’re guzzling wine somewhere in the Void. Until we meet again, we have this delightful pillow to remember you by.

Alligator Loki drinking wine
Alligator Loki drinking wine

Marvel Studios

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