Giada De Laurentiis Just Turned This Traditional Italian Dish Into an Easy, Kid-Friendly Meal

When you think of Italian food, do you picture red sauce, meatballs, and tons of pasta? While many Italian dishes do feature these ingredients, there are other delicious, traditional meals that don’t: like chicken piccata! This lemony chicken dish is often served with buttery sauce and capers, which is so good. While it’s perfect on its own, Italian chef Giada De Laurentiis just made the dish even easier — and put it together in a way that kids will enjoy too!

“Calling all chicken piccata lovers 📣,” De Laurentiis posted on Instagram today. “We just packed all of the flavors you love, into a crunchy, cheesy panino!”

That’s right, she made chicken piccata into a sandwich! “The bright and punchy flavor of capers and lemon make for a perfect balance with gooey cheese and crispy bread,” she continued. “It’s a super easy way to elevate your sandwich, all while giving it some Italian flair.”

Easy Dinner

The Turkey Piccata Panini looks like an elevated grilled cheese, which is so much more kid-friendly than the traditional dish. Plus, it only takes 20 minutes to prepare!

Start with the caper spread, which is made with packed capers, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and other ingredients mixed together. From there, spread the mixture on two slices of sourdough bread, add two slices of cheese on one slide and one slice on the other. After a few more toppings, you’ll cook the sandwich in oil on a skillet.

The finished result is a crispy, elevated sandwich that makes for a tasty lunch or a perfect dinner. Yum!

Chicken Piccata Meatballs

This isn’t the first time De Laurentiis has given this dish her own flair. She’s also turned chicken piccata into meatballs!

“All the flavors of chicken piccata…in meatballs!” she wrote about this dish. “These meatballs are as tender as they get. Serve them as an appetizer, alongside rice or orzo, or over an arugula salad for a light lunch.”

Who knew there were so many ways to prepare this amazing meal? Leave it to De Laurentiis to create new and unique ways to make us fall in love with chicken piccata over and over again.

Get De Laurentiis’ full Turkey Piccata Panini recipe on Giadzy HERE.

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