How to get your fitness goals back on track in less than 5 minutes

·Ken Gee
Liz Hilliard, right, and her daughter, Clary, can help you energize your fitness routine in a matter of minutes.
Liz Hilliard, right, and her daughter, Clary, can help you energize your fitness routine in a matter of minutes.

It’s only human to get really fired up about a new fitness routine and then to, well, flag a little. Maybe you can’t find the time to squeeze in a workout, maybe you packed your bag and headed to the gym, only to find a line three-deep for the elliptical machines, all the Pilates classes booked for the next two weeks, and no open lanes in the pool. Maybe you (or the kids) caught a nasty head cold. Maybe ice storms, blizzards, or other bad weather kept you housebound for days at a time.

Next thing you know, you’ve totally fallen off the workout wagon and getting back on it just sounds tiring and hard.

Liz and Clary Hilliard understand. The mother-daughter fitness team, who have developed a robust following at their workout studios in Charlotte, N.C., over the past decade, have found that many women just can’t make it to the gym as much as they’d like. They want to help fix that.

“When’s the last time anybody told you they have all this time to work out? Nobody does,” Liz Hilliard tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We’re all about convenience.” To that end, they took their workout program, a kind of Pilates-resistance training hybrid, and built it out into a live-streaming service. Their goal, of course, was to spread their “Hilliard Studio Method” to a broader audience.

For some women, the gym or studio environment can be intimidating or uncomfortable, especially if the class is rigorous or they’re not yet advanced in their fitness regimen. “Some people, you have to realize, are not interested in coming in to a live class, they’re not interested in working out with people beside them,” says Liz. “They’d rather do it privately, wearing whatever they want, on their own time.”


Adds Clary, “This has been a popular service for our mothers, who stream when the kids are taking a nap or coloring or whatever. With our videos being anywhere from five minutes to an hour, they can figure out how much time they have and get a full-body workout.”

A full-body workout in five minutes may seem unrealistic, but a member of the Yahoo Lifestyle team recently worked out with the Hilliards for five minutes — did we mention that Liz is 64? — and reported being sore all over two days later.

If your core yearns for more, you can try out the Hilliard Studio Method for free for two weeks or learn more about the streaming service on their website.

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