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Get an organized kitchen in 2024: These clever chaos tamers are on sale, from $14

Everything from lid organizers to lazy susans are marked down right now.

various kitchen organizers
If your New Year's resolution is to finally get your cabinets organized, these will help! (Amazon)

Even if your fridge is neat and tidy and your countertops are spotless, your cabinets might be the one area of your kitchen that is lacking organization. If your New Year's resolution is to finally bring some sanity to that cabinet chaos, head on over to Amazon. The mega-retailer has tons of organizers from one of their most popular brands, YouCopia, on sale, so you can declutter your shelves without breaking the bank. To help you get started we've rounded up the nine best deals happening now.

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This organizer has adjustable racks that allow you to keep muffin pans, cooling racks, baking sheets and more in one convenient spot without stacking them on — and possibly scratching — each other.

$20 at Amazon
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$28 at Macy's$20 at Target

This shopper had to try it first. "I was pretty skeptical of this," they admitted, "but it’s proved itself to be super helpful and a total life changer. Always had problems trying to stack my lids up on each other and now it’s no longer a problem! Can access and put them away with ease."

Anyone who uses Tupperware-esque containers will tell you keeping track of the lids is very tricky. While you can usually stack the containers inside themselves, the lids can often go missing...until now This clever device comes with eight adjustable dividers that let you neatly stack lids separately from (but just adjacent to) the containers. We told you it was clever!

$24 at Amazon
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$30 at Wayfair$30 at Macy's

“I wish I had bought something like this sooner,” wrote one rueful but raving reviewer. “Initially I wished it were bigger, but it can actually fit a lot of lids in it. I bought a new set of 30 storage containers, and all of the lids perfectly fit in it. It seems sturdy enough, so I am happy with my purchase so far.”

If water bottles are taking over your cabinets and constantly falling out onto your noggin, get a load of this. It has two tiers that feature grooved shelving to keep the bottles in place. The shelves are fully adjustable and they can hold up to 15 pounds at a time. Drink THAT in!

$20 at Amazon
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$26 at Macy's

"Brilliant design," raved this hydrated fan. "We have at least six insulated bottles that sit on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet. Many times I have to use a kitchen tong to reach the one I need because they get pushed back. This organizer stacks them so I can reach all of them easily."

Perfect for that corner cabinet where items go to vanish, this turntable's adjustable height allows you to fit different-sized bottles, spices, snacks or condiments, so everything is sure to reappear. And it has an easy setup — just twist and lock the center post into the trays and select your desired height. You can also use it for laundry items, medicine, skincare bottles, craft supplies and more.

$11 at Amazon

Over 9,000 reviewers have given this a five-star rating. "I really like this lazy Susan and would buy it again," said one. "In fact, I may buy a second one. The item is exactly as pictured. It has helped me organize some smaller items in one of my kitchen cabinets. I like the fact that each wedge-shaped compartment can be lifted out as needed, which makes its contents even easier to access and/or refill."

One of the worst parts of storing cans and jars in your kitchen cabinets is you can’t see what’s hidden behind the first row. We hate that! But these handy shelf risers let you easily see everything inside. You can use the three shelves separately, or stack them to make your veggies and condiments look like Olympic medal winners.

$20 at Amazon
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$26 at Macy's$20 at Target

“I was tired of my canned goods going past expiration dates because they were getting lost behind other things in my pantry,” wrote one conscientious consumer. “With this system, everything is clearly visible, and I stack them with the newest items on top and the ones that need to be used next on the bottom. It also makes it easier to see at a glance what I need to add to my shopping list.”

This handy dispenser holds your storage baggies in one convenient place! It has two wide slots that can fit standard-size gallon, quart, sandwich, or snack food bags. It also has a smaller slot in the corner to hold accouterments like rubber bands or twist ties. Even better: It comes with 24 removable labels so you know exactly which size baggies you have stored.

$20 at Amazon
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$20 at Wayfair$20 at Target

One reviewer called it “a real problem solver.” Then added, “It's great having all of my bags in one well-organized place! No more smashed-up, sloppy boxes to deal with.”

Spice drawer a mess? Could've sworn you had some coriander, only to find you have THREE cumins? This keeps all your jars in a straight line (it IS called a "line-r," after all) and plainly in sight. The non-slip backing keeps it from moving around as you open and close drawers, and it can accommodate various shapes and sizes.

$17 at Amazon
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$17 at Wayfair

“This is perfect if you want to keep your counters clear and don’t want to dig through cabinets for the spices needed,” said one tasteful reviewer. “Love how being able to open the drawer and there are all spices laid out for easy access. Easy to organize by alphabet or just set them in; it saves the time of digging through a cabinet.”

Because this Susan is lazy but you're not: This turntable has three dividers that let you adjust their size to create custom compartments so that you can get at your cleaning sprays, sponges and soaps toot-sweet. It rotates 360 degrees, so you can easily wheel it in either direction to grab what you’re looking for, and it even has non-slip grips at the bottom to keep it in place.

$25 at Amazon
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$29 at Macy's$25 at Target

“Perfect for under-the-sink storage, fits large items, turntable makes everything accessible. Very easy to assemble and the item is sturdy. Will be purchasing more of these for all of my bathroom cabinets,” said one customer.

Cuppa lovers will be over the moon for this teabag organizer. You no longer have to waste storage space with bulky boxes of tea as this handy gadget can hold up to 120 bags at a time. It has 12 (removable!) clear bins (six on each side) that are removable and dishwasher-safe at a price that's far from...steep. Har.

$27 at Amazon
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$27 at Wayfair$30 at Macy's

One shopper described it as “clean and functional” before adding, “This tea organizer is so pretty, yet functional. I wasn’t looking for a big tea display holder. But something with clean lines, simple, with functionality. It has checked all my boxes and then some. It looks perfect in the kitchen but would be great in an office or a coffee nook.”

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