German Shorthaired Pointer's Pitiful Reaction to a Chipped Nail Is Oscar-Worthy

A lot of dog owners can admit that clipping their pet's nails can be amazingly stressful. We've all been there, everything is going perfectly fine and then we cut a little too close to the quick and the poor pupper yelps and it bleeds and then we feel like the worst dog parent ever.

Well, the TikTok account for @Wyattthegsp knows this all too well because poor Wyatt had a very bad manicure and his reaction says everything.

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And the Academy Award in the Drama Category goes to.....TikTok users are feeling for this poor baby and @Kayla says, "Poor baby! I had to take mine to the vets in the fall when she broke her dew claw. The ordeal she says we put her through." @Lisamarie says, "Awww poor angel baby! He’s in pain people, help him!!!!!" @Juanita adds, "His trauma is REAL! Have you every chipped a toenail? It’s the real deal!"

For those of you brave enough to do this yourself, there are steps you can take so you don't hurt your pupper in the process while trimming their nails. Get your dog used to handling their paws before you break out the clippers. Make sure you aren't cutting into the quick of their nails. And if the worst happens and you do, have styptic powder on hand.

Or, you can do what I do: most pet supply stores offer walk in dog nail trimming for around $5 and it's super easy, the groomers are used to doing it, and you don't risk hurting your poor pup. Your veterinarian can also do this during a routine visit!

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