German Shepherd's Mischievous Way of Sneaking Snack Off Counter Is Too Cute

Dogs always find a way to the treats.

We’re officially convinced that all dogs are the same after watching this video from TikTok user @whitneylauren846. The thing that all dogs have in common is their love of treats. Dogs love their owners, yes, but dogs love treats and snacks even more. LOL!

Thank goodness this TikToker has a camera in the house because otherwise, they would’ve never known what kind of trickery their German Shepherd got in. The dog knew there were treats on the counter and he was going to do everything in his power to get some. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Is this dog serious?! Talk about being sneaky. We’ve never seen a dog act so sly before. And honestly, if it weren’t for the camera, we think this dog would’ve gotten away with it. HA!

“The camera doesn’t prove anything and besides, I saw a glitch, so the video has been tampered with,” wrote @beetlejuice_times_3. It was 100% tampered with. We all saw the glitch! That means this dog is completely innocent and needs extra treats to make up for the hassle. LOL! “He/she earned that treat!” commented @brandigabriel1. That’s what we’re saying!

Please tell us you saw the other dogs’ reactions. Because if not, you need to watch it again! “The older siblings are shook,” said @akingpinsdaughter. HA! They’re watching the younger sibling get away with things they never imagined doing. TikTok user @mikeitsjustmike is asking the most important question, “But did he share?!” No way, it’s finders’ keepers in this German Shepherd’s eyes. LOL!

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