German Shepherd 'Adopts' Two Plastic Pigs She Thinks Are Her Babies

The videos of her with the pigs are just too cute.

Some animals are just born with a natural motherly instinct. No matter if it's their baby or not, they'll watch over them with their whole heart. That's why this video from TikTok user @alba_and_althea_gsds truly captured our attention.

This German Shepherd has decided to 'adopt' her own babies, although they aren't real, living creatures. We're not going to be the ones to tell her that though! Watch her be the best adoptive mom in the entire world. It's absolutely precious!

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Aww! What a beautiful mom. You can tell how much she cares about those little plastic pigs. If she cares this much about nonliving animals, imagine how much she'll care for babies of her own!

"That's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!!" said @thejazzygypsy. Right?! She was doing everything right too. Snuggling them, making sure she wasn't hurting them. She's a great mom if you ask us! @whateverrlynnn added, "Awwww this girl needs a foster baby." She really does! The good news is that the creator said they've been thinking about doing that. O.M.G. We would LOVE to see that!

"Omg did she lose babies I can't take this," wrote @ima...cookie. Don't worry, she didn't! The creator responded by saying, "She didn't She's just that naturally maternal." Aww!! Here's a second video where the creator answers a few more common questions they got.

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Does it get any more precious than that?! "Some animals are destined to have babies Tells you what an incredible heart she has," said @rebpop5.

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