Geraldo Rivera on his 50 years in TV and his friendship with Donald Trump

In celebration of Geraldo Rivera’s 50 years on TV, Fox Nation has released a four-part series called, "I Am Geraldo: 50 Years." The show highlights key moments from Rivera's career including, the TV moment when he opened Al Capone's empty vault and when he got into a brawl with skinheads on "The Geraldo Rivera Show." Rivera tells Yahoo Entertainment, “It’s been a wild, wild ride” when looking back at his five decades in broadcasting. In 1970 Rivera reported his first story, leaving his career as a lawyer to pursue journalism. At the time, he was one of very few Latinx reporters on TV. “When I was hired,” he explains. “I was hired with the notion that I was part of an effort to diversify.” Seven years later he met Donald Trump. Rivera would go on to interview Trump multiple times and a friendship soon blossomed. “I speak to the President every couple of weeks,” Rivera says. “He called me to congratulate me on my 50 years.” With the presidential election weeks away, Rivera says Trump has a good chance at a second term. "It’s a long shot,” he explains. “I think he very well can pull it out. There’s a lot of support for the president that’s on the down low.” For more with Geraldo Rivera check out the video above.