George Hill reacts to Jacob Blake shooting: ‘We shouldn’t have came’ to NBA restart

The Milwaukee Bucks guard spoke following Monday’s game about the shooting of an unarmed Black man over the weekend in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Video Transcript

GEORGE HILL: But we're still having the social injustice and things going on in the world. So until the world get their shit together, I guess we're not going to get our stuff together. Watching the stuff happen in Wisconsin the other day really breaks my heart. We're down here playing the bubble to do these things for social justice and all that. And to see it still going on and we're just playing the games like it's nothing, it's just a really messed up situation right now.

I don't think we should even be talking about basketball today. We should talk about the Blake family and what's going on. Like I said, it's devastating and basketball shouldn't even be on our mind right now. We're thankful for the win, but none of this really matters today.

It's just sickening. It's heartless. It's a [MUTED] up situation. Like I said, you're supposed to look at the police to protect and serve, and now it's looked at harass or shoot. To take almost take a guy's life, thank god he's still alive. I know the cops is probably upset that he's still alive, because I know they surely tried to kill him. But to almost take a man's life, especially in front of his kids, that wasn't resisting in his back at point-blank range, is a heartless and gutless situation. We need some justice for that.

We can't do anything. First of all, we shouldn't even came to his damn place to be honest. I think coming here just took all the focal points off of what the issues are. But we're here, so it is what it is. We can't do anything from right here, but I think definitely when this all settles some things need to be done. I think this world has to change. I think our police department has to change. Us as a society has to change, and right now we're not seeing any of that. Lives are being taken as we speak, day in and day out, and there is no consequence or accountability for it and that's what has to change.