George Floyd protesters face violence from police — and civilians who disagree with the cause

As protests over the death of George Floyd continue, mostly peacefully, videos of alleged violence and excessive force on the part of law enforcement are spreading on social media. Several videos showing violence on the part of civilians who appear to be opposed to the demonstrations have also surfaced.

Video Transcript

- Get back!

- Hands up!

- Don't shoot!

- Hands up!

- Don't shoot!


- Hands up!

- Don't shoot!


- No way. No way.

- Push it back.

- Move!

- Push it back!


- Hey!

- Ooh!

- Oh my god.

- He is bleeding.

- He's bleeding out of his ear. He's bleeding out of his ear.

- Get away. Hold them here.

- He's bleeding out of his ear.

- Grab these two guys right now.

- Hands up!

- Don't shoot.

- Hands up!

- Don't shoot.

- Hands up!

- Don't shoot.

- Hey!


- --away from me.

- Hey, leave her alone.

- Do not touch her! Do not touch her.

- What do you have?

- She has nothing! Do not touch her, sir.

- Leave her alone.

- And--

- Sir, just walk away.

- You need to walk away!

- Hey!

- Hey! Get off of her!

- [MUTED] you.

- Just get out of here. What?

- Hey!

- Hey!

- What the--

- Oh, my god.

- Oh my god.

- All right, everybo-- [MUTED]

- Hey!




Move. Get out [INAUDIBLE], you [MUTED] bitch.

- We're not doing anything!

- What the [MUTED]?

- Stop! Stop.

- [MUTED] doing?

- What the fuck?

- Hey!


- [MUTED] you, you [BLEEP] bitch!


- Oh, [MUTED].


They're [MUTED] firing.


Stop firing your [MUTED] guns at people!


Stop firing your [MUTED] gun! He's firing guns at people walking away! [MUTED] you!


[MUTED] you.

- The police are dangerous.


- Firing guns at people walking [MUTED] away.


- We-- no!

- (SCREAMING) Oh, my god! Oh, my god, this is--


- They've got everybody trapped here. We're trapped. There's tear gas.

- --Floyd.

- George Floyd.

- Put your mask on!

- We're trapped here. We're trapped. They're shooting pepper balls at us. They've thrown out tear gas, flashbangs, smoke. They just chased everybody down this way. There's a lot of riot police up there. There's a lot of riot police back there.

- We can't move!


- We're trapped.

- We're trapped here. They're up top shooting at us.


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