George Clooney Speaks Out About Selling His Lake Como Villa

Clearly, some people want George Clooney to say "Ciao!" to his Italian residence. The ER star reportedly bought his iconic villa on Northern Italy's Lake Como in 2002, and rumors about him selling the property have swirled many times since. The latest instance came only a few weeks ago. Now, the actor is setting the record straight that he's not selling the home, known as Villa Oleandra. Here's what you need to know about the most recent scenario, some of the past reports, and the house itself.

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Is George Clooney Selling His Lake Como House?

Nope! Here's what's going on: In early September, a source told Page Six that Clooney is selling the home for €100 million ($107 million). "It's very quiet. No advertising. No press—just high net worth [prospective buyers]," the "insider" told the outlet.

A couple of weeks later, Clooney confirmed to People that he is, in fact, not selling the home. "The first I heard of it was when Page Six published the story. Everyone picked it up. It's not true," Clooney told the outlet through a representative, who also denied that the home is for sale.

Has George Clooney Ever Tried to Sell His Lake Como House?

It seems as though he hasn't, yet rumors have swirled about his decision to sell for quite some time now. Rumblings of the potential move date back to 2010, when he was reportedly planning to sell because of paparazzi harassment. In 2015, the same concerns arose as he was constantly photographed at the villa shortly after marrying his wife Amal.

Where Is George Clooney's Italian Villa Located?

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The 18th-century abode is located in the Italian commune of Laglio, which is situated on the western branch of Lake Como. Surrounded by greenery, the home exists on a natural cove on the lakeshore. Clooney also owns an adjacent property, making the villa one of the largest private homes in the area, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Villa Oleandra reportedly boasts 25 rooms with amenities including an outdoor pool, tennis courts, gym, home theater, and a big garage that holds Clooney's vintage motorcycles. Some reports say Clooney originally shelled out $10 million to buy the villa from the Heinz family in 2002, while others place the price at $7 million. The property also reportedly needed major restoration work when he purchased it. Now that the work is done, apparently everybody wants a piece of it!

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