This genius gadget might be the solution you need to keep clothes fresh between washes

 a rail above storage in a bedroom
a rail above storage in a bedroom

It's an age-old problem - what do you do with the clothes that aren't quite soiled enough for the laundry basket, but too dirty for the closet? For most of us, they join a giant pile of other discarded garments in a designated place, usually a chair - or, as we like to call it, 'the chair'.

No matter how organized you are, practically all of us are guilty of it, but if you're fed up with being met by a pile of semi-dirty laundry every morning, we've found the gadget for you. This genius appliance gives your clothes a quick refresh without the need for a washing machine, and it's made my laundry routine more manageable than ever (and changed my closet organization game for good!).

Ready for your bedroom chair to be functional once more? A steam closet is the ultimate solution. Here's why it should be going to the top of your wish-list.

Modern bedroom withe long cream curtains and matching pelmet
Modern bedroom withe long cream curtains and matching pelmet

Clothes chairs and their counterparts are bought into existence with the best of intentions. We try to do our bit for the planet (and our energy bills) by refusing to wash those shirts or pants that were only worn once, but they probably end up festering in a pile for the next few weeks until you cave in and finally clean them. Either that, or you rummage through searching for a particular top in mind, only to decide it's no longer wearable anyway.

If this sounds familiar (and we're sure it does), the Styler Steam Closet from LG could be exactly what your home needs. It works a bit like a clothes steamer but prioritizes hygiene over removing wrinkles, and it exists as its own self-sufficient, compact closet. The super slim appliance can be placed anywhere you have an outlet handy since it needs no waterline access, making it ideal for use in the bedroom, utility room, or walk-in closet.

So how does it work? In short, LG's steam closet refreshes lightly worn clothing with a technology called TrueSteam® which satisizes and deodorizes the fabric without the need for harsh chemical detergents. All you need to do is add water. The appliance helps to remove airborne allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust so your clothes stay clean between washes.

Once loaded, you can select cycle times from as fast as 20 minutes, with settings that are suitable for use on silks, leathers, wool and more. It comes with two moving hangers that vibrate to help loosen allergens, as well as a shelf to place items like soiled sneakers or soft toys.

You can also add aroma sheets in a dispenser for a fresh fragrance, or even add a spritz of your favorite perfume or cologne to diffuse into your clothes during the cycle. For the office workers among you, there's also a pants press inside to help remove wrinkles and restore the crease. We weren't joking when we said it's a real game-changer!

LG Styler Steam Closet

Price: $998.97
Color: Metallic Charcoal

It's a smart device, too. Built-in Wi-Fi syncs with LG's ThinQ app meaning you can care for your clothes remotely, and there's also a dry setting for damp clothes (ideal for rainy days).

The appliance itself looks a bit like a slim fridge, but the sleek and modern design - which comes in either black or white - looks inconspicuous in your space. Measuring just 23 x 17.5 x 72.75 inches, it's not designed to hold all your clothes, but it will easily fit that daily 're-wear' pile. You'll only be able to fit a couple of bulkier items in there at a time though, so while it will help you declutter your clothes, you'll still need to stay on top of your pile to prevent it getting out of hand.

Ready to promote your bedroom chair to its real purpose and treat your clothes to the care they deserve? The LG Style Steam Closet is going straight on our Amazon wishlist!