Genius curtain hack will revamp your home for free

Make your curtains look bougie without spending a penny!

Video Transcript


- You'll want to start by collecting some paper towel and toilet paper rolls. If you're impatient, you can go to the dollar store and buy a wrapping paper roll and use that instead. I'm going through each of the rolls and marking at three inches, because that's how long I want each roll. Then I'm going through with scissors and cutting out each fine I created.

I'll set these aside. And I'm going to take down the curtain. I'm going to leave the current on the rod. I'm going to re-thread the curtain onto the rod, but every other notch, I'm going to add a toilet paper roll. At the end, this is what the backside should look like.

After both ends are done, I'm going to add the rod back on and smooth out any wrinkles with my hands. Here is the final product. You can add curtain poles if you would like. But overall, they look more full and nicer than they did before.

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