This ‘genius’ coconut milk smoothie hack is so easy

TikTokers Ashley and Taylor Johnston (@twincoast) shared a clever hack for making frozen coconut milk cubes to use in smoothies, and it’s so easy that viewers can’t wait to try it!


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Ashley and Taylor are food and lifestyle content creators and fraternal twins who often post clips of healthy and eye-catching recipes. Recently, the siblings shared a video showing viewers how to prepare the coconut milk cubes they use in their smoothies. And while the cubes may look fancy, they’re incredibly easy to make.

The clip begins with a shot of a wooden bowl filled with large, chunky white cubes. Since the twins were getting so many questions from viewers regarding the cubes’ ingredients, they decided to share the simple one-ingredient recipe.

As Taylor demonstrates in the footage, the simple process involves filling a silicone ice cube tray containing deep compartments with a can of coconut milk before popping it in the freezer.

The finished product is a perfectly formed white cube that looks as satisfying to hold as it does to taste.

“This is genius”

Viewers took to the comments to rave over the Johnston twins’ crafty coconut cube trick.

“Such a good idea,” one user complimented.

“This is genius,” added another TikToker.

“Oh! Never thought about using the canned coconut milk,” one viewer mentioned.

Other viewers wanted to know if this method would work as well with other milk alternatives.

“Would that work with oat and/or almond milk instead? Like, would the texture be the same?” another TikToker inquired, to which the Johnston twins kindly replied, “Yeah, we have done those too! Coconut is creamier, but it works with oat and almond!”

The Johnston twins’ frozen coconut cubes are another great way to put that leftover can of coconut milk to use, in addition to many other delicious recipes.

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