Genie Bouchard Puts a Daring Spin on a Classic Catwoman Costume in Cropped, Lace-Heavy Look

Genie Bouchard.<p>ABC/Getty Images</p>
Genie Bouchard.

ABC/Getty Images

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Halloween is one of those holidays that only gets better the more thought you put into it. Even for a last-minute costume, attention to detail is key. If you dive head first into your idea, the outcome is bound to be better than you can imagine—and you’re likely to have twice as much fun, too.

That doesn’t mean the concept has to be over-the-top, though. A classic costume that is expertly executed can make for a better look than the most unique or niche one at the party. Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard is fully aware of the power of a good classic costume idea executed to perfection.

She stepped out for a city Halloween celebration this past weekend in a Catwoman costume. But rather than donning a simple black catsuit, she dressed up her best all-lace set for the occasion. Bouchard wore a sheer high-neck lace top and matching figure-hugging pants for the night, pairing the set with a black eye mask characteristic of Catwoman’s ’fit.

“Halloween 1,” she simply captioned the series of photos she posted on Instagram from the weekend. The snaps featured Bouchard and her friends, likewise sporting all black outfits and eye masks, posing on the a rooftop in her native Montreal.

The daring outfit proved that you don’t have to opt for a complicated outfit in order to make an impression at your Halloween party. Like Bouchard, put a unique, glamorous spin on a simple, classic costume for one epic night out.

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