Gen Zers are calling out millennials over a ‘cringey’ new TikTok trend: ‘What is wrong with them?’

If you haven’t heard the “side part and skinny jeans” TikTok song, consider yourself lucky.

The TikTok-famous song is the most recent internet trend sparking beef between Gen Zers and millennials. It’s also just the latest entry in a longstanding feud on the app.

First, there was the “old-school” dance challenge, where millennials faced mockery from Gen Z for trying to create their own viral dance trends. And then, of course, Gen Zers decided that side parts and skinny jeans — two staples of millennial fashion — were officially uncool.

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Now, the two generations are fighting over a viral TikTok audio, which was allegedly created by a @mammybanter. The song, a remix of Lizzo’s “Boys,” was posed as a sort of “diss track” to Gen Zers.

The original video containing the track has been deleted, but that hasn’t stopped it from spreading like wildfire. Oftentimes, Gen Z TikTokers film themselves reacting to the song.

The song — which of course, defends side parts and skinny jeans — also embraces the poop emoji and claims millennials “gave” WiFi to Gen Z.

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Gen Zers, naturally, have taken those lyrics and fully run with them. In addition to reaction clips, they’ve also posted parody videos and TikToks of them fake crying as they listen to the song.

“What is wrong with them?” the caption to one user’s TikTok reads, referring to millennials.

Others, meanwhile, have taken to the comments of clips containing the “cringey” song.

“Y’all need to apologize [for this song],” one user wrote.

“I’m sorry but do they think they invented WiFi?” another asked.

Who created the ‘side part and skinny jeans’ TikTok song?

As Insider reported, @mammybanter claims to have created the song as a parody, not a serious attempt to “call out” Gen Zers. In a recent video on her page, the user explains the song was meant to “make fun of this whole generation war.”

Regardless, the song’s meaning has spun way beyond its original intention. Other users — particularly millennial-aged ones — who shared videos featuring the song have also since deleted their posts. It’s unclear whether or not those users were joking as well.

Why does Gen Z hate side parts and other millennial staples?

The Gen Z vs. millennial feud has been going on for what, in TikTok terms, feels like decades. It’s unclear what really sparked the trend, but at some point in the summer of 2020, it became extremely on-trend to mock millennials on the app.

Gen Zers started sharing their favorite stereotypes of their older, Harry-Potter-loving counterparts — including their alleged obsession with BuzzFeed quizzes and the word “adulting.” A few months later, a new trend claimed to show how the different generations look at their phone. cameras.

Fast forward to 2021, and Gen Zers have turned their focus to style. Middle parts and loose-fitting mom jeans are in, side parts and skinny jeans are out.

It’s really nothing new, though. Younger generations almost always dictate the fashion trends of their era. And, whether it’s fair or not, they often mock older age groups (remember “OK, boomer?”).

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