For Gen Z, understanding personal finance begins with the most important question — what is money?

Welcome to In The Know: Money with Marsai Martin, where acclaimed Hollywood actress and executive producer, Marsai Martin, will answering all of your questions about personal finance. Through interviews with expert guests, Marsai will explore concepts from savings and credit cards to financial red lines. But first, what exactly is money?

Video Transcript

MARSAI MARTIN: How close are we to becoming completely cashless?

SUNEYE RAE HOLMES: Marsai, I have to say that we are already there. Like the teacher is here. All right?

We know that even plastic cards, are debit and credit cards are kind of becoming obsolete now. We're moving with technology that focuses on biometrics.

So, I can talk to a speaker in my home and it can buy something on Amazon. Or perhaps, I have my card data saved in an app on my smartphone.

And if I trust the technology, I can use my fingerprint or my irises and I can pay for my goods at the point of service. So this is the type of future technology that we're already embracing.