Gen Z figure out true meaning of ‘platinum’ and ‘golden’ birthdays

Gen Zers on TikTok are sorting through the true meaning of “golden” and “platinum” birthdays after one user posted that she had the oldest possible platinum birthday.

The difference between regular birthdays and these special ones has to do with your birthdate. Golden birthdays are when the date of your birthday matches the age you are turning. For example, if your birthday is March 27, then your 27th birthday is your golden birthday.

The confusion comes with platinum birthdays. Sydney (@insydemymind) posted a video claiming that her platinum birthday was her 92nd birthday because she was born on the 29th of the month.

However, some people had differing ideas about what the special birthdays meant.

“I thought golden matches the day your were born and platinum matches the year,” replied @.malamango.

Other people in the comments agreed with that statement, so Sydney put out another video to explain.

“I grew up where my silver or platinum birthday was the opposite of the day you were born,” Sydney said in her response video. “Some of the comments say it’s the year you were born. I googled it, and I saw that too.”

This means that if a person was born in 1997, then their platinum birthday would be their 97th birthday.

With many commenters saying that the year dictates your platinum birthday, there were a lot of Gen Zers upset that they missed out on their special day.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me 06’ and January 3rd so I literally have nothing to look forward to,” replied @Cassie.sassy to Sydney’s explainer video.

“So if I was born in 2000, do I technically not get a platinum bday?” asked @hayleeduh.

The commenters differing opinions on the birthday matter didn’t seem to upset Sydney, as she seemed to shrug things off at the end of her explainer video. The only thing that is clear is that if you were born early in the month of the early 2000s, a platinum birthday probably isn’t on your calendar.

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