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Wednesday 05, August

Your ruler Mercury moves into Leo early this morning, finally leaving your money zone after an extra-long visit (thanks to the retrograde earlier this summer). Now that he's going to spend a few weeks in your communication zone, it's time to sharpen your tongue and your texting fingers. In other words, your natural genius is about to double, Gemini.

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Tuesday 04, August

Today the planet of aggression is pitted against Jupiter, the planet of expansion. This makes for a Tuesday of epic proportions. One thing is clear, Gemini - it isn't likely to be boring. If you feel frustrated, it's important to find a creative outlet for your drive - preferably a collaborative one.

Monday 03, August

The Full Moon in Aquarius is here to bring some serious depth and power to your Monday - it is not likely to be an ordinary day by any means. The last six months have been life-changing, and this is the perfect moment to contemplate exactly how the world out there has transformed your inner world - have you allowed yourself to act accordingly?

Sunday 02, August

Today's Sun-Uranus square can be shocking if you're not ready for it, Gemini. Since solar energy is in your house of communication for a few more weeks, it's important to weigh what you say (or type) for a moment before you let loose. People around you might be truly surprised if you're less than gentle.

Saturday 01, August

Your ruler Mercury opposes Pluto on this intense first day of August, bringing a deep awareness to any fears you retain about money and self-worth. It's time to remember that you're beyond any value ascribed to you by others. The material realm can't even come close to measuring your worth, Gemini.

Friday 31, July

The Moon is now activating your house of deep change and transformation, Gemini. In the process, some fears could be unleashed, and you might face some of your more challenging insecurities. Don't avoid them because they will only return later on. The sooner you're willing to confront and move through this, the sooner you can heal.

Thursday 30, July

The Moon is still occupying your opposite stars today, Gemini. Your energy is low but your determination to stay positive will get you through to the other side. Plus, if you surround yourself with the kind of people that lift you up, you'll thrive and properly shine. Avoid those who drain your energy.

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